Optometry Services

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

At Issaquah Vision, we believe that a thorough eye examination is much more than the test for glasses and contacts. We thoroughly evaluate the function and integrity of your eyes, as well as the health of your visual system for potentially sight-threatening conditions. Diabetes and Hypertension are just two systemic conditions that left unchecked can cause significant damage to the eye. Early signs of both Diabetes and Hypertension can be found during routine, comprehensive eye exams.

Specialty Contact Lens Fittings

With over 40 years combined of successful contact lens fitting, we offer comprehensive contact lens care and availability as part of our contact lens services. Our extensive contact lens experience allows us specialize in astigmatism, multifocal, rigid gas permeable, orthokeratology and other hard to fit contact lenses. Of course, we also love to fit the routine daily and extended wear contact lenses.

We are all too aware that contact lenses can potentially cause serious harm to our eyes and in some cases result in painful and blinding eye disease. Our contact lens evaluations consist of thoroughly assessing your candidacy to wear contacts, proper measurements to determine the most suitable contact lenses and proper insertion and removal and lens care, which are also taught by our highly trained staff. The evolution in the contact lens industry has allowed us in most cases to allow our patients the ability to wear lenses home the day of the fitting. Follow up evaluations are performed to assure proper contact lens performance and how it relates to the health of your eyes and your visual efficiency.

Contact us at info@Issaquahvision.com and ask about our 90-Day Guaranteed Fit Contact Lens Warranty.

Ocular Disease Treatment and Management

As part of our goal to provide personalized and comprehensive vision care, Dr. Walter, Dr. Steve and Dr Erinn have been trained and licensed in advanced optometric care to manage and treat most ocular and lid diseases. We also work together with your primary care physician to keep them informed of your ocular health status. At Issaquah Vision, we manage corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis (pink eye), iritis, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, bumps or lumps of the eyelids.

Dry Eye Treatment

As simple as “dry eyes“ may seem, this condition is a common complaint that ranges in severity from subtle but chronic irritation to the inability to keep the eyes comfortably open. Causes of dry eyes may be complicated and multifactorial, ranging from poor contact lens hygiene, menopause, autoimmune disease associated with rheumatologic disorders, and a host of other factors. Over-the-counter remedies can often exacerbate symptoms of a dry eye, but many may offer mild relief. After examination, we will review these factors and thoroughly assess your eyes and lids for ocular surface disease, that may be a causative factor. Most cases of dry eye syndrome are not curable, but many can be successfully managed with prescription medication, lubrication and OmegaMax, a powerful, molecularly distilled Omega3 fish oil taken twice daily.

Low Vision Care

Low vision care may be of interest to you if you have difficulty with the following tasks, even with your glasses: reading newspapers, price tags, magazines, menus, medicine bottles, or books, recognizing faces or even watching TV. In addition, if you have macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or other ocular diseases leading to vision loss, low vision care may be a service that helps you utilize your remaining vision more effectively. Our practice carries the latest Eschenbach vision aid devices including several that combine magnification and illumination. Dr. Erinn Tolomei and our staff have been specially trained to work with you to determine the best magnifying vision aid for your needs.

Educational Videos

Rendia is a 3-D software solution that will help educate and entertain patients and staff with a variety video animations.